Best Aromatherapy Scents to Choose for Your Hot Tub


Hot tubs are now popular, and most individuals enjoy their comfort worldwide. Why not try hot tub aromatherapy if you’re seeking a new method to unwind and improve your health? Regular application of aromatherapy in your hot tub is a highly effective method for treating various medical ailments. The incorporation of smell with elevated aeration, warmth, and massage brings a great relaxing effect.

What is hot tub aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses scent and pure plant extract to enhance health. Traditional methods of using essential oils involve either direct application to the skin or infusion through a diffuser.

It’s not advisable to incorporate essential oils with a hot tub since they could ruin the jets, filters, and other parts of the circulation system. Instead, you can utilize spa-friendly aromatherapy items, available as fluids, salts, or shower gels. The good thing about this is that there are different scents to consider.

Aromatherapy scents to choose for your hot tub

  1. Summer breeze aromatherapy salt

Are you looking to expand your senses and loosen up your mind? Sea salts called Summer Wind bring to mind a hot summer day with a cool breeze. It smells like gardenia but with a sweeter, lighter grace note. Any night of the week, it’s ideal for making your home spa feel like a vacation. Thanks to this beneficial sea salt blend, your hot tub will feel even more inviting, which also leaves muscles thoroughly relaxed.

  1. Exotic night aromatherapy salt

An exotic night creates the perfect ambiance for a memorable night with its exotic and enticing rich fruit aroma. Its sweet aroma should form part of your natural hot tub and spa water treatment routine. With this scent, your skin will feel supple and luxurious, thanks to this unique blend of soothing sea salts.

  1. Jasmine and lemon grass

Jasmine is a fantastic anti-stress, anti-anxiety, and antidepressant. It has been demonstrated to enhance alertness and sleep quality. Lemon grass is quite similar to Jasmine, and it contains anti-inflammatory and antiviral qualities. Moreover, it helps alleviate stress, worry, and depressed moods.

  1. Ylang-ylang

This is a potent fragrance believed to ease tension and headaches. The ylang-ylang is produced from the blossoms of an Indian tropical tree. This potent aroma, which is frequently found in antiseptics, encourages relaxation and serves as an antidepressant.

  1. Chamomile

This pleasant smell has anti-inflammatory properties in addition to helping you with relaxation. It is a very useful product for your tub if you suffer from back pains, osteoporosis, and neuralgia. It’s a perfect option to support digestive health and sleep.

  1. Refresh sea salt

A crisp, revitalizing perfume to calm your thoughts and revive your senses. Your day’s stress will get reduced by the lovely aroma of cucumber combined with the fresh, juicy melon scent. After a hard day, nothing beats a dip in a hot tub more than an aromatherapy tub!

Add fresh sea salts to your hot tub for therapeutic advantages and the entire spa experience to revitalize your soul and brain!

Final thoughts 

Aromatherapy works well with your hot tub to enhance relaxation and eases tension and discomfort. Consider the mentioned scents and enjoy that relaxed feeling in your hot tub or pool. Also, consider other natural water treatment methods to enhance your tub experience.