Difficulties Faced By Athletes – Coming Off The Steroids


Many athletes in the world have faced the same problem while coming off the steroids. Most the athletes who are not taking any kind of steroid, but are deciding to start the process, are very afraid of it. They start researching about all kinds of steroids, and their side effects, and also on the steroid cycles before starting. But they never think of, what will happen when they want to stop taking steroids, and how their body is going to get affected. All, at some point in time, has to get off the steroids. Understanding how to do it it will be explained in this article.

Planning The Process

Similar to that of starting, getting off the steroids should be a pre-planned process. Staying on steroid cycles for so long would have suppressed the natural production of testosterone. That is why it is necessary to take proper steps to get on to the normal level of natural testosterone before stop taking them completely. Coming off the steroids completely in short period of time is very dangerous. The body is not prepared for such type of event to occur and one may go into a state of shock, and natural testosterone production may not resume. This is not only dangerous, but also extremely harmful for your health.

Post Cycle Plans

For all the above reasons, athletes must prefer to look at proper post cycle plans before getting off a steroid cycle safely. The plans are varied according to the individual, and how their body behaves in such condition. Athletes should also choose to use a SERM or Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, to help them recover their testosterone production quickly. They can also prefer to choose HCG for the same. Whether it is HCG or SERM, athletes should always go to the doctor for their expert knowledge in this field, to help them recover from this as quickly as possible.

There is always a time when the athlete doesn’t have the faith to continue this path any longer. In such situation, one must always remember that why they start using them in the first place. If it helps, to recover the athlete from the painful journey then it’s beneficial, or one can always use the help of the power of god, or can do meditation to help in recovery, and become free from steroids.