How Maitake Mushroom Can Help with Diabetes


Maitake mushroom is one of the oldest kinds of mushrooms that have been used in traditional mushroom. The name of the mushroom, that is, maitake comes from a Japanese word which means dancing. It is called the dancing mushroom, since when people found these mushrooms in the forests, they would dance to celebrate. However, for how they resemble the feathers of a hen, they are called as hen of the woods in western places.

Maitake mushrooms are one of the few mushrooms that are both highly medicinal and are delicious. This means, to have all the goodness that maitake mushrooms are capable of offering, all you have to do is cook them into a yummy dish. Various researches are quite intrigued by maitake mushrooms. In the past few decades, there have been quite a lot of studies to examine the benefits of maitake mushrooms. One such benefits that maitake mushrooms offer is in the management of diabetes. Here’s how maitake mushrooms can help in managing diabetes.

How are maitake mushrooms helpful?

When we talk about polysaccharides- complex sugars, they can be the reason behind a person developing diabetes. While they are easily digested, they affect the blood sugar level and generally elevate the levels. As the level of sugar in the blood rises, a person develops insulin resistance.

Quite different from the polysaccharides found in various foods, the polysaccharides called beta-glucans that are found in maitake mushrooms are nothing like the other polysaccharides. Beta-glucans are capable of bringing down the blood sugar level and decrease insulin resistance.

Besides polysaccharide, maitake mushroom also contains a disaccharide known as trehalose. Trehalose has the ability to decrease the rate of absorption of glucose in our small intestines. Trehalose achieves this through controlling the secretion of an enzyme called alpha-glucosidase. Alpha-glucosidase is responsible for the absorption of the sugar in the small intestines.

Insulin sensitivity

As there is a disturbance in the metabolism of carbohydrates, over a period of time this can cause insulin resistance. Under this condition, the insulin in our body fails to carry the glucose from the blood to cells. Thus, the glucose stays in the blood. Insulin resistance is yet another factor why people develop diabetes. Maitake mushrooms contain a glycoprotein which is capable of increasing insulin sensitivity. Thus, the glucose in the blood would more readily get transported to the cells, reducing the blood glucose level.

Buying whole maitake mushrooms to cook can be a good idea. However, one downside to cooking maitake mushrooms is that you can’t do it every other day. This interval in the consumption of maitake mushrooms might not get you the kind of outcome you aim for, being a diabetes patient. This is why, instead of cooking maitake mushrooms, you can buy maitake mushroom supplement. However, when you buy maitake mushroom supplement, it is very important to know where to buy maitake mushroom supplement from. There are a number of verified organic sources where you can buy the supplement from. While you buy the supplement, look for proper certifications and make sure the FDA approves of the supplements.

Once you buy the supplements from a reliable source, you would be able to have it on a regular basis. Having these supplements on a regular basis is really important. These natural supplements take a bit of time to act. However, they aim to fix the problem rather than suppressing the symptoms. Maitake being one of the best natural remedy for diabetes, as even so many researches and studies prove so, you should give it a try and be a little patient to witness the results.