Sugar Bush- A Medicinal Herb with Many Benefits


Nature has gifted us with so many trees and plants that they have made our lives blessed in many possible ways. Sugar bush is one of these plants, which is also used in making the maple syrup. It is an evergreen shrub which is generally grown 2 meters above the grounds. Besides, this plant is used medicinally in treating various conditions. The infused leaves can be used in treating coughs, colds and chest pain. One of the most important benefits is to facilitate the smooth delivery of baby. However, the stem and leaves should be used with care because they may have some kind of toxicity.

Edible parts of the plant

It is important to know which parts of érablière can be consumed. The fruits are slightly acidic to sweet tasting which can be eaten raw or cooked. Its fruit is 6 to 8 meters in diameter having a little flesh. However, it is easily harvested because it is produced in intense racemes. You can even make lemonade like drink with this fruit if you soak it in water for about 10-30 minutes. Besides, its fruit can be sucked to taste its tart juice, which is formed on its surface. A sweet white sap from the juice can also be used as a sugar substitute. You can also boil the leaves of the plant to make a tea.

Benefits of sugar bush

The leaves of sugar bush  are dark green and are quite thick. They are a great source of tannin. In autumn, these leaves fall from the plant, which, then can be collected and used as a mordant and a brown dye. From seeds, the oil can be extracted. It is also used to make candles which burn luminously. However, they emit a strong smoke. The plant is helpful in prevent erosion because of its extensive root system under the ground. The flowers are found in clusters and are white to pink in color which fade away to become bright red berries in spring. These fruits can be crushed to make a tart beverage.

In order to grow this plant, the seeds should be soaked in hot water for about 24 hours. Early spring is the best time to be sown this plant. You can even drink this water, which has lemon flavor. Due to various uses of this plant, it is grown in many parts of the world.