Ways to Get Child Custody after Complete Recovery from Addiction


It is challenging to regain custody of the child after rehab. The Family Drug Court made strict rules for addicted parents. According to their rules, parents should prove themselves recovered from substance abuse and can provide education, basic needs, and security to their children.

Detox to Rehab is a community that encourages and supports parents with their best ways to regain custody after drug abuse recovery. They guide in creating a safe and healthy atmosphere for a child’s well-being. They also help all the recovered parents remain sober and rebuild their homes with their children.

Tips That Help To Regain Custody of a Child

Given below are a few tips that’ll allow you to get custody of your children and bring them back home with the help of Child Protective Services after recovering from drug addiction.

  • Attend Alcohol Anonymous sessions for your addiction. They’ll help you prove that you are committed to attaining sobriety by documenting your session time.
  • Complete all the contingencies regarding your reinstatement for the child’s custody. The court will not spend any money for their special actions like making you attend parental classes or any other.
  • Find a job to prove before the court that you are financially stable to care for your child. Make sure that your job has nothing to do with using or distributing drugs or alcohol.
  • Find a drug-free environment for your new home. Pay according to the rental agreement on time. Get the documents before the court as evidence to prove that you are financially doing great.
  • Child custody is a stressful and depressing struggle. Overcome anxiety with positive thoughts. Don’t forget that you are staying sober for the well-being and happiness of your child.

Finally, after regaining your child’s custody, you will be ready with everything that you have to provide your child and rebuild your home