Who Benefits from CoolSculpting®?


Nowadays, most individuals see a slim, well-chiseled physique as the symbol of beauty. As a result of this, many individuals are exploring various ways to shed unwanted fats in their bodies. Given this, CoolSculpting is one of the leading fat reduction methods available today.

Although CoolSculpting is a wonderful, effective, and safe method, it is not meant for everyone. Therefore, before getting this procedure, you should know who can benefit from it. Below, we will describe those that can benefit from CoolSculpting.

·      People that want to get rid of subcutaneous fat

There are two basic types of fats – subcutaneous and visceral fats. Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat directly beneath the skin. In general, it is fluffy but difficult to remove. However, CoolSculpting can reduce it.

Visceral fat, on the other hand, is beneath the muscle wall and around some vital organs. Getting rid of this fat can be quite dangerous and may lead to serious health issues. CoolSculpting cannot get rid of visceral fat.

It is noteworthy that subcutaneous fat can be pinched. So, if you want to get reach of pinchable fat in your body, you can benefit from CoolSculpting.

·      People close to their ideal weight

Depending on your age and sex, there is an ideal weight you should have. If your current weight is not too far from your ideal weight, then you can benefit from CoolSculpting. Generally, the procedure is not for losing weight; it only contours the body. It will shape the body by slightly lowering the fat in the treated part. You can reduce the fat by about 20% after every treatment.

As a result of this, CoolSculpting is not for individuals that want to lose lots of weight. It should only be used by people that want to lower the amount of fluffy fat in a particular body part.

·      People that don’t expect immediate results

Are you looking for an instant result after the treatment? If yes, CoolSculpting is not for you. This is because the treatment involves the freezing of the fat cells. Once frozen, these cells will die over the next 90 days after the treatment. As the cells start dying, you will start seeing the results of CoolSculpting.

In addition, you may need two or more sessions of the treatment before achieving your fat reduction goal. Also, you will have to leave around 4 or more weeks between the sessions. All these factors ensure that you may see an immediate result after the treatment.

Therefore, CoolSculpting is not for individuals that want to reduce fat as soon as possible. It is for people that don’t expect immediate results. So, you need to consider this factor before booking an appointment for this procedure. If you cannot afford to wait for about 3 months after treatment to see the results, you should not waste your money on CoolSculpting.

In conclusion, these are the types of people that can benefit from CoolSculpting. If you fall into these categories, then CoolSculpting is for you.