5 Last-Minute Things to Do on Your Wedding Week


From using a hair remover that gives you amazingly smooth legs to checking in with various people, including the venue decorators, it’s crunch time! Your wedding is almost here and there’s so much still to do. And obviously the “pretty sure” option just does not exist anymore, everything has to be just perfect for your special day.

So, here are a few last-minute things that you might want to give a look at before your wedding day.

1.    Vendor Checklist

Make sure you have all the numbers for your vendors and have an emergency contact in case they are unable to reach you at any given time. In case you change your venue at the last minute, be sure to inform all your vendors, from the florists to the caterers and even the tenting agency. One pro tip is probably paying your vendors before time since that way you won’t be hassled later about what you owe them.

2.    Pack for Your Honeymoon

The closer you get to the wedding, the busier you will be. So, take the time now to pack for your honeymoon. There are so many ceremonies and celebrations around Indian weddings that you won’t have the time at the last minute. So, check the weather at your honeymoon destination and pack accordingly. Don’t forget to buy a bikini trimmer online and the best hair remover, so that you have smooth legs and look your best during your honeymoon.

3.    Talk with Your Photographer

Your wedding day is the one day you wouldn’t want your photographer to screw up. So, sit down and have a talk with him about what shots are personal to you and how you would want your wedding photographed. Since all the pictures will be clicked in real time, you might not be able to revise the angles or moments captured later on. So, communicate the kind of photographs you wish to see for your wedding.

4.    Designate Your Point People

In no wedding would you want your guests feeling unloved or your vendors unattended. So, choose people you trust to help you out during the day, so you can get ready in peace and everything runs smoothly. These point people can also help you receive guests and make them feel welcomed when they come, without you rushing out in between your makeup sessions. Everyone should know their responsibilities beforehand.

5.    Take a Breather

With all these running around planning your wedding, you might end up tired on the wedding day. So, don’t forget to take time off to relax and pamper yourself. Plan a spa day with your closest friends. Spend time on grooming yourself, such as using hair creams for women to remove any unwanted hair. Make sure you look your best for your big night.

Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are so many things to take care of. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and get most of the burden off your shoulders. After all, you should be able to enjoy this very special day.