Raheja Hospital is 1975 established Multispecialty hospital in India. The hospital is committed to provide the best clinical excellence and patient centric care.The Hospital has been taken over by Fortis Healthcare a one of the top medical chain in world. Raheja hospital hashighly experienced and specialized doctors for your every diseases. At the Hospital you will get the world class technology and equipment’s. The hospital has performed many surgeries to save the life of patient but cancer treatment with spray is unique by itself.

A 62 year old women was suffering from ovarian cancer and this is the 3rd time when she was diagnosed with cancer. After 24 chemotherapy her body was stopped responding to it. She lost all her hope of getting cured until Raheja hospital Doctor told her about PIPAC or Pressurized Intraperitoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy. This is the first time when any hospital has performed PIPAC or Pressurized Intraperitoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy.

Before we move further let me explain you about what isovariancancer in simple words, it is a type of cancer in which Liquid called ascites began at the ovarian.And she was carrying 10 liters of liquid ascites because of which she cannot move sit or eat.

After ovarian cancer let me explain you about what is PIPAC and how it works. PIPAC is merger of Chemotherapy liquid is converted in to a gaseous form. It is a modern method of treating the patient suffering fromperitoneal cancer an impact layer around the stomach, ovarian, gall bladder, cavity colon, etc. At first place when patient come to hospital his Biopsies are done. After the Biopsies laparoscopic is done on patient. After this the surgical cut is made on the skin and Gasses form Chemotherapy is sprayed on the cancerous cell.

With the help of PIPAC Raheja hospital doctor removed 2 liter ascites. And because of PIPAC new formation of ascites is controlled. Doctors recommended him for the three more round of PIPAC for more improvement.

Other than this compare to traditionalchemotherapy treatmentsin PIPACthere is no or very less side effect such as hair loss, kidney problems, liver problems, vomiting, etc. The main point of this technique is that on 10 % dose is use as compare to standard technique..You can book           you appointment with doctors through Clinicspots.

“Side-effects that are commonly seen in other procedures such as hair loss, kidney problems, liver problems, vomiting etc., are either minimal or not seen at all. Any patient with peritoneal cancer, who can withstand a two-hour surgery under anesthesia, is compatible with this therapy. This process eliminates the cumulative toxicity — the adverse effects caused owing to long-term exposure to a toxicant or other stressor. Therefore, all patients can tolerate this procedure very well”

With being the first hospital to provide the PIPAC treatment in India hospital doctors are very proud. Though the success of the treatment is very from person to person. This treatment came as a new hope in treating many cancer patients.